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The Day Before My Birthday

I love Sundays. I've spent this entire morning in much prayer, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in my spirit. All morning I've tried to make myself eat, and finally, I did eat some homemade mushroom soup prepared by my 2nd mom Ms. Ana Allen. When I'm here with them in Tennessee, I feel so much peace, a moment to get away from all the stress and business stuff. Preparing for my show hasn't been easy without my sister Lora, my assistant, you know, who handled all the hard stuff and made my job easy. She was indeed the wind beneath my wings. I miss her every day, but I miss her most around my birthday.

Sitting on the lawn with my mother this morning, reflecting on life, I got so much to be thankful for these days. I enjoy being with my 2nd mom because she's so full of wisdom. I'm excited about my birthday, thanking God for keeping me safe and protected another year.

My mom and I are listening to Min. Tammie Parks preach on Facebook live. God is powerfully using that young lady. My mom said she could feel God's power when sister Parks is preaching.

I don't have anything planned for today; I just want to relax with the family. Whenever I need to decompress and relax, I come here because there's a peace that only God can give. Thanks to all who are sending me early birthday wishes; God is so good. I love you and God's willing I'll talk to you again on my birthday, which is on Monday.

Big Hug and lots of love


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