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Sometimes It's Good To Listen

A few weeks ago, I was on the phone with a friend; I said, please, I need to share a vision, which worried me a lot. The friend said, oh no, you and your psychic dreams again, please no- don't tell me. It wasn't days later before this friend was killed in an accident while driving to visit her mother.

I wouldn't say I like speaking things that I see, but I was advised by the late Prophet Mother A B Jackson that if I don't tell you what I see, your blood would be required to my hands. Let me make something clear to anyone reading this I Am Not A Psychic or Prophet I'm a humble servant of my Lord, and that's it. Since I was seven years old, I've seen visions and dreams, and I try to tell anyone if I've seen something about them.

My late sister Lora use to ask me if I had seen anything, she didn't say, oh, why are you te or telling me. I had a brother murdered somewhere around 1985 or 86; I saw his death one year before it happened; he got shot to death. The woman stabbing him in the dream meant she would be deceitful and have a part in his death. I tried to tell him this dream a year before it happened and he said to me (why don't you tell my other brothers, I'm doing fine, I have a good job working and life is good for me right now, good health) please that's not me you're seeing.

I cried as I walked away from him, and I said, I'm only telling you because you are the one who was in my dream. It wasn't even a year later my brother was gone (Murdered). It happened almost just as I saw it in my dream. Go ahead; I dare you to look at me and judge me; you have no clue my personal walk with the Lord. My early morning travail, my days without my food. Never judge a book by its cover. God has many ways of warning us, but we fail to listen to something as simple as a dream or vision.


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