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Prayer and Good A A Allen Music

As I was praying this morning, I had some A A Allen good music playing that my sweet Lindsey sent over to me. I wanted to make another blog to keep you all encouraged out there. My two blogs on Monday touched hundreds of people on my official website, and I give all praises to my Lord.

People like reporting all the bad news why why why are you giving all that praise to the enemy when God woke you up this morning. Help us, Lord, or I'll say, please help me because it's me dear Lord requiring prayer, but as I wait, I want to make sure I'm thanking God and giving him my praises even through my darkest days the name of the Lord will forever be on my lips.

Last night, I received about 64 letters at my website; many were in tears as they told me the stories of losing loved ones but said my blog about Thank You Dear Lord touched them. I give all praises to the worthy Lord. I pray you all to have a blessed and wonderful day.

Remember to stay safe, and if you can get out, please go take the good word of the Lord to someone. It's not about you or me, but it's all about our creator. If people only knew my story, but that's between the Lord and me, and he will reward me openly as always. However, I don't mind telling you about the good things.

Thank you for your great support, and I appreciate all my new Website Subscribers- WOW*

Be Blessed

I Love You


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