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Oh, dear Lord, I Thank You.

Oh, dear Lord, I Thank You.

I spoke with a few people who got family or friends who are very sick, and all I could think about is hitting my knees and praying for them. So many are suffering right now, and some are close to death. However you can reach a soul, it's time to do it; God blesses those who obey him. I feel sad for so many, but only God can heal them; what I can do is pray.

Thank you, Lord, for being good to me. I thank you for my health and strength. I thank you for life; I thank you. I wish always to lift you and give you the praises because you deserve them.

Even when times are tough, let me continue to praise your name and thank you for the little things because let me tell you something if you're able to feed yourself right now, if you're able to bathe yourself and go to the bathroom, on your own YOU ARE BLESSED!!!!

Oh Mighty God, Let us praise his name more often because the more we lift your name, the better we will feel, and little by little, the Lord starts working on your problems if you got work to do, you better get up and get about your Father's business because time is surely winding up.

Be Blessed and Stay Safe


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