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I went to bed on my knees, and I woke up this morning; the first thing that I did was send up prayers to my sweet Lord. I'm not one to toot her own horn, so I let others do it; I purposely stopped the Celebrate Gina week several years ago because I felt like I had started to make a God of myself. I often see a post that says Happy Birthday To Me, people want you to remember them that goes without saying, but I decided to let the people remember me that way, I can erase all the guilt of putting the roses on myself. I appreciate all the kind words, cards, tributes, phone calls, and more this year, and I thank God for letting you toot my horn and not me do it to myself.

As I've said before, I miss Lora, Mother Jackson, and my dad because they were my three close confidants in life, and they always made my birthday special. However, I still have many people in life who show me unconditional love, and that's the Allen's; some call it worship, but I beg to differ, remember what I said about tooting your own horn? You think it's ok to brag about yourself, but when others do the same, it's worship - stop with the envy. I love the Allen's because every day is my birthday with them, every day is a special day for me with them, and I thank the Lord for them so much.

It's another year, and I'm one year older than last year, but with each year, I pray for more wisdom and a closer walk with God, and that's my birthday prayer again this year to draw closer to the highest God. Thank you to all my family, friends, and fans around the world for your sweet love. God bless you this birthday belongs to you from me; with love


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