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Lord Help Me To Go And Tell Somebody

I always wondered why he wasn't answering any of my messages this last two years, and then I heard today that he had cancer and is no longer with us. Of course, I broke down in tears because I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to him. He was indeed one of the most gifted musicians I had ever come across. I appeared in his music video about Domestic Violence; he was always so happy to tell people that I was in that video. Dear God, may his soul rest in peace.

On a happier note, I had another chance to get out and witness today, and it was a blessing to my soul. Too bad we got this Covid stuff all around us, but I'm determined to go in the name of the Lord, take all precautions, and spread some good news.

Many were blessed as we went out today. I could see an older woman trying her best to look out of her window. May God Bless Them all. It's almost time for Family Bible Study on Zoom, so I better cut this blog short. Thank you, Lord, for my life, health, and strength.


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