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Lora said Gina; I'll Wait For You (Vision)

In this vision, Listen to the music by The Doobie Brothers' played throughout the dream, and maybe because that song was one of our favorite songs (Lora and I) growing up.

Suddenly I woke up one day last week, and all the sadness was gone. I had a long talk with my late sister Lora in a dream the other night, and we were embracing and enjoying each other's company as we did in life. I didn't want to wake up, but I realize it was a beautiful dream. I will always miss her; that'll never change.

Before I woke up, Lora said to me Gina; I will wait for you; then I woke up, and I immediately played the song Listen To The Music - Doobie Brothers.

I feel at Peace Now🥰🙏🥰


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