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Dancing Bare feet In The Warm Sand

Thanking my dear Lord for turning all things around for me

*Sure, I've had my struggles and heartache, but I'm not giving room to that only to what God is doing in my life,

and this blog is for him.

I always remind him of the words spoken by the great late Mother A.B. Jackson, and I've learned to stand on his word. I thank God for great friends in my life, but the enormous thanks and praises belong to the Lord who promised me every good thing that's happening in my life right now. Thank You, God, you are the Best, my love❤❤❤I'm dancing bare feet in the warm sand right now- Yeah Yeah Yeah.

*No, I have not taken a Covid shot - WILL NOT!!!!

I get tested, and I'm negative - my last blog expressed that, but somehow it was misunderstood.

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