Alessandro Porcella (Producer, Songwriter, Director)

“One thing that struck me about Regina Swarn is the passion and dedication that is committed to the promotion of new musical reality. If there were more people with so much passion for music, without distinction, barriers and economic interests and speculative, many young and talented artists would have their chance to make their own art. Luckily there is a small island of happiness on the website of Regina. Go Go Regina you are great!”

Lorenzo Cortoni (Lead Singer/The Road Connection)

I am not a man for long speeches, but there’s one thing I have to say about Regina: She’s the one who helps us keep rock ‘n’ roll dreams alive, KEEP ON ROCKIN’ BABY Lorenzo – The Road Connection

Vito Guerrieri (Drummer)

Hi my friend!! I hope you’ll be happy reading this words.. “People like me (and there are many) spend their lives striving to improve themselves because it’s challenging and because we constantly feel as if we are lacking in something. When you stop and realise that what you’re doing is actually appreciated by different people that don’t even know
each other then it all becomes worthwhile. I therefore thank this wonderful person, endowed with artistic sensibility and a true love for art. I also thank her for her commitment and ability to recognise art and promote it in all its forms.”
You’re great my friend ..

Elizabeth Tekedou, WILD KITTEN

“Regina is an amazing person…beyond her personal exceptional taste for music she really loves what she’s doing and that shows by promoting not only worldwide known bands but also unsigned or less known bands as well, bringing them up to the surface…That alone is something I respect and admire about her. Apart from her business endeavours, having talked with her quite a number of times, I discovered what a unique woman she is as well. Full of passion in everything she does and with an unsurpassed beauty both on the outside as well as in the inside. It’s been a great honour knowing her and I really hope that someday I’ll have the honour to meet her as well.”

Giota Paganiari

Here is what I think about Retzie …
Regina …in Italian means Queen and believe me she is !!! What I like about that girl is her passion for all the things she loves, either her family and friends, either her favorite music , either her work, everything !!! When she believes in something she gives 100% of herself to support it and not only that. She will let the whole world to know it and she works hard to keep us always informed about them ! I will tell you a secret …her Greek name is Retzie , I love to call her this way , she is the queen of our hearts here ! God bless you girl …you and everything and everyone you love !!!

Lora Lee Williams

Regina is a consummate professional. Her main focus and aim is to help others and to see that they get the recognition that they deserve. I will be working for her company soon here in Missouri and I must say that I’m so thrilled because you only want to work with the best…..and Regina has proven time and again that her best is giving to others. I love that she takes the time to write about other bands and artists, or just anyone that she feels really deserves an extra push to get their material noticed. I can only hope that I can bring just an ounce of that professionalism to the company to ensure that the work that she has started continues. I could go on and on, but will just end by saying that the world is so blessed to have such a giving and caring person who selflessly works to see that other people are given their due. THANK YOU SO MUCH REGINA FOR CARING!

Athan Lyssa Kazakis (RedRum)

To me its an honor to have Regina as a friend and supporter of Redrum music Goddess is rock……

Joseph Beggs

Thank you Lord for making Gin an encourager not only to me but to the many souls that she is able to connect with each and every day.
She  reminds me of the word global for Regina is and will continue to be used of the Lord in a global capacity as she shares her faith and love to all.
It takes a special gift to be able to reach out and connect and give of yourself to people that you come into contact with and treat everyone the same with humility and respect. To have a word in season to encourage to console and to bless.
Heartfelt attributes that only God can give and Regina has a heart true to them all .
Love you Sis!

Marcello Zappatore

“I never really met Regina in real life, I just was in touch with her by the internet, but I immediately realised how she was a beautiful person, very kind and absolutely fond of good music. She was great in understanding my own music and helping me to promote it worldwide

Mike Numera

Internationally inclined media diva, model, actress, entrepeneur, adventurer, rock critic, promoter, activist, philantropist, superspy, superheroine and object of amourous attention globally.

I strongly urge everyone to check out any and all endeavors involving the beautiful and multi-talented: Regina Swarn……Mike Numera

Andrea Lanza (Skill In Veins)

This is my message for Regina:   I feel her warmth through our many conversations via mail and her works in the web. I know that Regina is an honest, sincere and intelligent person, full of great and interesting initiatives. The thing that I like most in people is the Passion that they have in doing what they love, and Regina is very full of passion. I respect her very much and I hope to see her (physically) soon, because I consider Regina my great friend! Andrea Lanza

DOUG BALES (The Unsatisfied)

Thank you so much for your support, Regina! YOU ROCK!! What a great article! The Unsatisfied LOVES you!!


Regina is one of those person that once you meet you can’t live without. Her great humanity and passion in supporting artists is remarkable. When she believes in someone she can be a true light who guides her/his path in pure goodness. The beauty of is soul and her sensitivity together with her great professionalism makes her a true finder of talents. I thank you Regina for giving me your great help and support and for believing in my music so much. I wish to all the artist who need someone who support them in honestly and passion, to meet her one day.. Mari

Alessandro Frank Goratti (Drummer/Skill In Veins)

“When I think about Regina, first thing that comes into my head is her ability to pass on her love for the art in general. She’s constantly involved to giving space to people like me who share her same passion for the music. For this I’m grateful. Thanks also for the help and for the support you gave to “Skill In Veins”…
Go on Regina… Rock on!!!!!”

Eric Scealf (Lead Singer/The Unsatisfied)

I think Regina is wonderful and supportive and everything she has her hands in kicks ass. She is charming and lovely and if she digs it I check it out because I trust her judgement. I wish I had my shit half together as Regina..She’s got it!!!! Baby Shes GOT IT!!! LUVnBLOOD.. do what you will and put my name on it..I support her.

Stephen Paul (Freelance Photographer/Nascar Races/ Art)

I always enjoy working on Gin’s photos…she’s Beautiful, of course! But True Beauty comes from within. Gin’s Sweet Spirit, her Compassion, Love, Encouragement and Desire to help others make her Truly Beautiful! Hearing from her by phone always makes my heart light up! A Great Person Indeed & It’s An Honor To know her.

She has a beautiful spirit. Her kindness, humility, and selfless attitude are unusual in the world of entertainment, which is often a brutal and unforgiving environment. Although I’ve never been in the industry, I have family members who have~ and the road to success can be cruel, competitive and often disappointing. That’s why Gin is so unusual in this environment…She makes a difference by supporting and encouraging others to follow their dreams! How remarkable is that!

There are so many things I could say about Gin, but I think I have to sum it all up by saying this: I’ve told her more than once that she is a wonderful role model for young women who want to make a difference in this world. Her attributes are so admirable, and I wish there were more like her. It’s my honor to be counted as her friend.

Nick Katona, President – Melodic Revolution Records

I first heard of Regina Swarn on July 10th 2012 on the recommendation of a musician friend of mine Tommie Brewster who invited me to sign-up on a website that she was on called Regina Swarn Music and Film Network. Immediately I was welcomed with open arms. Not long after that Regina joined my social networking site Power of Prog and has become an active and supportive member. We at Power of Prog cannot thank Regina enough for literally saving us with her generous contribution to our website which has allowed us to meet our operating budget for the year.

With just a little research I found that Regina is one-heck-of-a promoter! Like me she believes in supporting and fighting for the underdog. I have nothing but admiration and respect for this wonderfully caring person. I look forward to one day meeting her and expressing my gratitude in person. She is truly one of the most intelligent, creative and innovative young women in the business today, she inspires and motivates me in my life-long passion of bringing music to everyone. I look forward to many years of joint collaboration and support working with her in one way, shape or form regarding the promotion of the Arts and the underdog.